Rock Wall 2011 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

Rock Wall 2011 PS

Purchased at my Jackson, CA store for $10.99. 15% ABV. I could not find much on this vintage, mostly on the 2009 so had to take my own photo.

This wine pours a deep, dark plum. It has a sweet nose of black berries and blue berries with a hint of cocoa. Good mouth feel of dark, ripe fruit, cherry, and black berries with a plum finish and moderate tannins. The plum and tannins soften after some air. Balanced and easy to drink, went well with my home-made venison jerky with it’s smoke and pepper flavors.




Purchased 3/19

This is a very good wine for the price.  Classic California Syrah,  Initially, it was a bit refined in the bottle, and more austere like a foreign wine, but upon decanting it became more “Cali”, for lack of a better word.

I noticed that it was not the same 2005 as was posted, so I took a chance on it.  I’m glad I did.  Returned to the store today, one day later, and it was all gone (2 cases), minus one lone bottle that I snagged.  I would have bought a case.

The fact sheet from the producer is here.  This is one of 3 wines the producer currently lists on their own site.  I doubt more will pop up, as it’s pretty darn good.

If you snagged the rest of what was available, good for you.

Had it with Pizza.  It was a bit strong for meatless pizza, but enjoyable on it’s own, nevertheless.  

The second bottle I bought today rang up at $2.99.  Strange.  

2008 Caspar Landing, Chardonnay, Mendocino County

Casper Landing

Purchased 3/15 at my Jackson, CA store for $2.99, ABV 13.5%

Not much information about this winery or wine on the internet. It is cellared and bottled by Equestria Cellars, Graton, Sonoma Co. CA Cellared and bottled means the winery has aged the wine or subjected it to cellar treatment (oak aging, filtration, etc.) before bottling, so grown and fermented by outside producers. The label comments include information about the Mendo growing region and “This wine is a blend of parcels of Chardonnay, hand-picked from top growers in the county. Mendocino is a blending paradise for Chardonnay thanks to the full range of styles the County can produce. Crisp apple and pear flavors are underpinned by a subtle creamy oak structure from both French and American oak. Fruit from cooler vineyard areas contributes a slight minerality. The palate finsihes on a more tropical fruit style–pineapple and melon. A balance wine with broad appeal.

My tasting notes are: A very light straw-yellow-green color with a fragrants of green apple and light vanilla with some fresh grass. Flavors include some minerals, not much oak, nice fruit of green apples and some citrus, good acid and balance with a short crisp finish. Dang $2.99 this is a great white for a variety of foods like grilled fish, salads, chicken, pork, or for me tonight… chicken pot stickers followed by a chicken/vegie stir fry. If this wine is on the shleves tomorrow I will buy a 6 pack!

California Wine Growing Regions


This map locates some of the wine growing regions of California. Specific varietals do better in specific regions of the state due to climates, soils, micro-climates, temperatures and a host of other growing conditions. Get to know the regions for the wines you most love and you will find your best values there.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mazzocco Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley


Purchased 3/15 for $12.99 at my Jackson, CA store, ABV 14.5%

My wife and I visited the Sonoma wine country this past week and really enjoyed the spring weather, beautiful country side, excellent wines and locally made cheeses. One of the wineries we visited was Mazzocco, mainly because I have seen one of their wines at my GO. They specialize in zinfandels and generally later harvest, like 16% + ABV, very big wines but small lot like 100-400 cases. Prices were from the $30’s to over $100. The winery is surrounded by head pruned old vine zin. The Dry Creek Valley has lots of acres devoted to this varietal and it does well there.

So this Cabernet has a deep ruby red color and long, pink legs. The nose is of dark, ripe berries, some spice, but not too complex. It’s a robust wine with flavors of rich berries, cassis, vanilla, spice and firm tannins resulting in a very dry finish. This wine will pair well with grilled rib eye or porterhouse steak, dried salami and robust cheeses, and probably a sausage/pepperoni type pizza. I think there are better values to be had though so probably wont purchase more.

2011 Ravenswood Rosato, California Rose Wine


Purchased on 2/22/13 at my Jackson, CA store for $7.99 with ABV of 13.5%
This wine is produced and bottled by Ravenswood in Sonoma. I generally don’t buy “California” designated wines as many are from the hot central valley and not very appealing, but my friend that stocks the shelves and drinks many of the wines at my GO store recommended it. The winery notes that 74% of the fruit comes from Fouche Vineyards in the valley of the Moon (Sonoma County) and the balance comes from Mendocino County, that made me feel much better. The wine generally retails for $22, even at the winery, pretty pricey for a Rose. The wine is a light rose color with a nose of ripe mellon and musk. It’s very dry with a touch of mineral, tart apple and a long crisp finish. I need something to go with my baked, wild-caught salmon and this wine should pair nicely. I would probably purchase a few more bottles during the 20% off sale for enjoyment this summer.

Brovida Cordara Barbera


DOP: 02/27/2013

This wine is pretty good, especially for the price.  

Lighter cherries come to mind, a bit acidic, which is good, and some light tannins as well.  

I could see this going well with Pizza, red sauced Pasta, etc, and may even withstand something a bit heartier.

There’s a Bronco description here about the wines overall characteristics.  

Sorry about the large photo 🙂