Purchased 3/19

This is a very good wine for the price.  Classic California Syrah,  Initially, it was a bit refined in the bottle, and more austere like a foreign wine, but upon decanting it became more “Cali”, for lack of a better word.

I noticed that it was not the same 2005 as was posted, so I took a chance on it.  I’m glad I did.  Returned to the store today, one day later, and it was all gone (2 cases), minus one lone bottle that I snagged.  I would have bought a case.

The fact sheet from the producer is here.  This is one of 3 wines the producer currently lists on their own site.  I doubt more will pop up, as it’s pretty darn good.

If you snagged the rest of what was available, good for you.

Had it with Pizza.  It was a bit strong for meatless pizza, but enjoyable on it’s own, nevertheless.  

The second bottle I bought today rang up at $2.99.  Strange.  


9 thoughts on “Jake-Ryan 2006 SYRAH – BALD MTN. VINEYARD – MT. VEEDER – NAPA VALLEY

  1. seedboy

    I opened my last one last week. Delicious cool climate syrah. I still have a couple of the zins and a viognier.

  2. Kevin J Beirne

    Tried a bottle of the Jake Ryan 3 sum last night & was impressed enough to buy a case today. I read a post that it should be opened from 1 to 1/2 hours, l dont feel it needs to be open for more than an hour.It had a good rich ruby color but not a big “nose”, the first glass was delicous, with nice fruit & a smooth after taste.However an hour later it began to fade,not a wine to cellar, it should be drank now. As always with GO great value.

    1. Vin du Pays

      Looked for some of the other Jake-ryan varietals but still only the 3 sum on the shelf at my Jackson store so grabbed 6 more 🙂 BW’s wine review was attached to the display. I hope to see the other wines from Jake-ryan soon.

  3. Vin du Pays

    Probably does not bode well for the winery but offers bargin wine shoppers a great opportunity. I picked up 4 of the 3 sum and think I better get more and will be looking for their Syrah, thanks for the review and heads up.


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