2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mazzocco Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley


Purchased 3/15 for $12.99 at my Jackson, CA store, ABV 14.5%

My wife and I visited the Sonoma wine country this past week and really enjoyed the spring weather, beautiful country side, excellent wines and locally made cheeses. One of the wineries we visited was Mazzocco, mainly because I have seen one of their wines at my GO. They specialize in zinfandels and generally later harvest, like 16% + ABV, very big wines but small lot like 100-400 cases. Prices were from the $30’s to over $100. The winery is surrounded by head pruned old vine zin. The Dry Creek Valley has lots of acres devoted to this varietal and it does well there.

So this Cabernet has a deep ruby red color and long, pink legs. The nose is of dark, ripe berries, some spice, but not too complex. It’s a robust wine with flavors of rich berries, cassis, vanilla, spice and firm tannins resulting in a very dry finish. This wine will pair well with grilled rib eye or porterhouse steak, dried salami and robust cheeses, and probably a sausage/pepperoni type pizza. I think there are better values to be had though so probably wont purchase more.

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About Vin du Pays

I am a retired engineer/manager/director of engineering from the high-tech industry of the San Francisco bay area and spent my final eight years teaching science. I now live in the beautiful California foothills enjoying some of the wonderful Italian varietals grown and produced here. This area started producing wine during the gold rush around 1850. I am a wine enthusiast with most of my focus on California wines, but have enjoyed many from France, Germany, and Italy.

1 thought on “2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mazzocco Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley

  1. Vin du Pays Post author

    Upon doing some research and reading, seems the Dry Creek Valley actually has more CAB planted than ZIN. I opened a $24 bottle of estate Cab from a good winery in Livermore and although it was more complex and did not have such a strong tannic finish I now think I will buy some bottles of the Mazzocco and lay them down for a year or two. Cheers 🙂


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