Rock Wall 2011 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

Rock Wall 2011 PS

Purchased at my Jackson, CA store for $10.99. 15% ABV. I could not find much on this vintage, mostly on the 2009 so had to take my own photo.

This wine pours a deep, dark plum. It has a sweet nose of black berries and blue berries with a hint of cocoa. Good mouth feel of dark, ripe fruit, cherry, and black berries with a plum finish and moderate tannins. The plum and tannins soften after some air. Balanced and easy to drink, went well with my home-made venison jerky with it’s smoke and pepper flavors.

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About Vin du Pays

I am a retired engineer/manager/director of engineering from the high-tech industry of the San Francisco bay area and spent my final eight years teaching science. I now live in the beautiful California foothills enjoying some of the wonderful Italian varietals grown and produced here. This area started producing wine during the gold rush around 1850. I am a wine enthusiast with most of my focus on California wines, but have enjoyed many from France, Germany, and Italy.

6 thoughts on “Rock Wall 2011 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

  1. the connasewer

    I have been drinking a lot of Rosenblum wines over the past years. Zinfandel in particular. The Rockwall Julies zin simply does not come up to past Rosenblum standards. There are many mixed blend red wine bottles on the shelf that provide much more enjoyment. The Rockwall Napa Petite Sirah is another story. No fault with this one except for the hot alcohol finish. Maybe in a few years it might settle down. Worth putting a few bottles away.
    I tasted at Rockwall a few months ago and was disappointed in general. Again, the wines Kent is now making are quite ordinary..

  2. BargainWhine

    I drank a bottle of this recently, over two nights. I stored the second half in a 375ml (half) bottle with a stopper and very little air. I thought the first half needed about 2.5 hours of air to open up as much as it was going to. I found ripe flavors of dark blackberry and plum, lighter boysenberry (especially the acid), dried dark red cherries, a little dark chocolate, maybe tobacco, and black earth. While it has the acid and tannin characteristic of a Petite Sirah, both are kept in check and I thought the wine was actually nicely balanced and delineated, even elegant. The second half was very much the same. That, the long airing time, and its reserved nature even after it aired make me think this wine will likely get better with a few to several years of age in cool storage. I think it’s quite nice wine for the money and I may get a couple more during the sale to lay down for a while. Disclosure: My bottle was an unsolicited gift from Juan at the Berkeley store.

      1. BargainWhine

        No, thank you! 🙂 I didn’t re-read your notes before posting my own, but I was glad to see we’re in close agreement.

  3. lim13

    Like the photo, VdP…very artsey. I’ve always been partial to whole bottle shots (if you hadn’t already noticed in my reviews), but you’ve even got an attractive background! Wish they’d send some of the Rockwall up here to WA state. I’ve got some of the 2009 Sonoma Zin in my cellar that I paid $17.50 for from Lot 18 on line back in Feb. 2012. Haven’t opened one yet. Appreciate your review.


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