2008 Caspar Landing, Chardonnay, Mendocino County

Casper Landing

Purchased 3/15 at my Jackson, CA store for $2.99, ABV 13.5%

Not much information about this winery or wine on the internet. It is cellared and bottled by Equestria Cellars, Graton, Sonoma Co. CA Cellared and bottled means the winery has aged the wine or subjected it to cellar treatment (oak aging, filtration, etc.) before bottling, so grown and fermented by outside producers. The label comments include information about the Mendo growing region and “This wine is a blend of parcels of Chardonnay, hand-picked from top growers in the county. Mendocino is a blending paradise for Chardonnay thanks to the full range of styles the County can produce. Crisp apple and pear flavors are underpinned by a subtle creamy oak structure from both French and American oak. Fruit from cooler vineyard areas contributes a slight minerality. The palate finsihes on a more tropical fruit style–pineapple and melon. A balance wine with broad appeal.

My tasting notes are: A very light straw-yellow-green color with a fragrants of green apple and light vanilla with some fresh grass. Flavors include some minerals, not much oak, nice fruit of green apples and some citrus, good acid and balance with a short crisp finish. Dang $2.99 this is a great white for a variety of foods like grilled fish, salads, chicken, pork, or for me tonight… chicken pot stickers followed by a chicken/vegie stir fry. If this wine is on the shleves tomorrow I will buy a 6 pack!

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About Vin du Pays

I am a retired engineer/manager/director of engineering from the high-tech industry of the San Francisco bay area and spent my final eight years teaching science. I now live in the beautiful California foothills enjoying some of the wonderful Italian varietals grown and produced here. This area started producing wine during the gold rush around 1850. I am a wine enthusiast with most of my focus on California wines, but have enjoyed many from France, Germany, and Italy.

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